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Version 2005.12
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  • The data for this application were made available by the Philadelphia Police Department. The data originates from the Police Department's Incident Transmittal System (INCT). This database represents a record of incidents to which the Police Department has responded and categorized at the time of response. It usually includes any updates that occured within 5 days after the incident. However, if the investigation results in a re-categorization of the incident after this 5 day window, it will not be reflected in this database. As a result, the numbers represented here are, at best, a snapshot of crime in Philadelphia. However, it is the most comprehensive and broad snapshot that we have available. Several categories of crime included in crimeBase change significantly over time due to this difference in reporting. The crimes most affected are homicide, rape, and some sexual assaults. For example, in crimeBase many homicides will be depicted as aggravated assaults because the complainant has been shot but may die at a later date. The same counting problem is true for the other categories. Anyone using the crimeBase information should realize that these issues are present and should be taken into account when interpreting the data.
  • Location coordinates used to aggegrate the data are based on the Streets Department's Street Centerline file. The process of automated address location results in a 1-3% error rate, usually from poorly formatted addresses.


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